Here are a few things I did during this year and some goals for the coming year.


I interned at Braintree Payments in San Francisco over the summer. It was an amazing experience and I'll be starting full time in February next year. I learnt a lot of new things in my internship but it definitely felt like a knowledge dump. I hope to get a more in-depth understanding of the things I've learnt in my internship once I start working full-time next year.

(Img 1) A Braintree Coffeecup

(Img 1) A Braintree Coffeecup


I left the last semester of college for all the courses that I really wasn't into but were a required part of the curriculum. A bunch of electrical courses are required as part of the Computer Engineering coursework at UIUC. For senior design my team ended up making a barely working prototype of a vest for the visually impaired that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect where an obstacle is and uses positional tones to provide feedback to the user. It looks like a mess, but it definitely worked!

(Img 2) Senior Design Project demo

I also worked on a full stack side project called Ballot which is basically a polling application written in React & Node.


I didn't run a lot. 251.79 KM in total. The last 6 months I only ran 24.46 KM. I need to be consistent throughout the year.

I plan to run 600 KM this coming year - basically 50 KM every month. I also want to be able to run a 10 K. The max distance I've been able to do comfortably so far is 5 KM and I definitely want to increase that.


I've traveled to a few countries this year.

(Img 3) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

(Img 3) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Also a bunch of places within the US and India. After graduation, I plan to travel to Japan for a few days and hopefully more places.


I love watching movies and these are a few of the ones I really loved this year.


This year I saw Hamilton the musical at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York. It was spectacular!

(Img 4) Hamilton Playbill

(Img 4) Hamilton Playbill

Next year will be vastly different than the last 4 years of college and I hope to make productive use of my time in the coming year.